WATCH: Lesbians try putting d**ks in their mouth for the first time…

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Are you tired of videos featuring gays and lesbians ‘trying’ things for the first time?

Well, tough, we have one more for you… but it’s a doozy.

Bria and Chrissy, the YouTube connoisseurs behind such viral classics as “GAY MEN TOUCH BOOBS FOR THE FIRST TIME!” and “Lesbians Touch Penis For The First Time!“, released another ‘first’ video today.

However, this one goes slightly further – featuring lesbians eating penis for the first time.

That’s not innuendo: they’re literally eating penises.

A bunch of lesbians were blindfolded and fed a mystery meat. Participant Daylynn explains: “I have literally no idea [what this is]. I feel hungry so I’m kind of excited!”

When informed that the meat is actually penis, she adds: “I’m eating dick! Today I’m eating dick.”

The verdict on penis is decidedly mixed – while some gag and struggle to keep the meat down, one of the women insists: “The flavour’s fine though… it doesn’t taste bad!”

“Dick is great” is a phrase you likely won’t hear from the participants in many other contexts.

Penis-eating Ally said: “The thing is… this isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

“I’m really glad that I ate this, because now I can say that I ate a bull penis!”

However, Hartbeat won’t go near her dead animal dick. “I can’t! You’re not going to make me. Poor sport, sue me! I gotta go to church on Sunday… I feel like I need Jesus in my life.”

Short of ‘Gay men explore vagnias for the first time’, I think we can declare this ‘first time’ video fad officially over.