Alex Reid accuses Katie Price of ‘inciting hatred’ towards trans community

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Alex Reid has labelled his ex-wife transphobic following comments she made on Loose Women earlier this week.

Katie Price shared details of her relationship with Reid during a discussion about Eddie Redmayne’s (or ‘Raymar’, as she called him) latest film, ‘The Danish Girl’.

Alex Reid accuses Katie Price of ‘inciting hatred’ towards trans community

As the women discussed whether they would stand by a partner if he came out as transgender, Price remarked she’d been in “a similar situation” in the past.

Referencing her marriage to Reid – who has been known to dress as a female alter-ego, Roxanne – the reality star said she would not be surprised if her former husband came out as trans.

“If he does end up being a transgender then it wouldn’t surprise me,” she said.

“It’s hard for me to say why on daytime TV.”

The former cage-fighter reacted angrily to the segment, suggesting his ex-wife was irresponsible for making “uneducated” comments.

“I don’t want – especially on daytime TV – for her to be talking about my private sex life,” he told The Sun.

“She says she doesn’t want to talk about me, or give me airtime but she continues to talk about me – it’s disgusting.

“Furthermore, her ridiculing me is inciting prejudice and hate against trans people,” he added.

Alex Reid accuses Katie Price of ‘inciting hatred’ towards trans community

“The sniggering and coquettish giggling actually upset me more for those facing ridicule every day – perhaps going through transition – as it somehow became a joke, something to be laughed at and made fun of.”

Reid recently ‘came out’ as trans when appearing as Caitlyn Jenner during a photo shoot – although he later insisted he has no plans to transition.

During an interview with Star magazine, as both himself and alter-ego Roxanne he said: “We don’t have the same rights. Wow, I just said ‘we’. I guess I am. Why not be trans?”

The reality star previously talked about their past of having sex with other men in an interview with Jeremy Kyle.

In 2010, Price (previously known as Jordan) banned him from appearing on the cover of gay magazine Attitude.