Angie Bowie tears into CBB homophobe who compared gay parenting to child abuse

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Angie Bowie tore into former UKIP politician Winston McKenzie – after he defended his claim that same-sex parenting is child abuse.

McKenzie, who until last year was a regional leader and Parliamentary candidate for the UK Indepndence Party, is currently appearing on the Channel 5 reality show Celebrity Big Brother.

He has already attracted controversy over a string of homophobic comments in the house claiming “I could cope with a homosexual in the house. I guess I’ll just have to stand with my back against a brick wall all the time.”

However, fellow housemate Angie Bowie – the bisexual ex-wife of David Bowie – was fuming after finding out as part of a task that McKenzie had claimed same-sex parenting is “child abuse”.

Defending his comments, McKenzie insisted: “I’m a Christian… how can I go against my beliefs?

Bowie ranted to fellow housemate David Gest: “I didn’t do 45 years of fighting for gay rights for f**king nothing. I’m not tolerating that crap.

“If he comes within 10 feet of me, it’s over. My f**king eyes nearly popped out of my head. I knew it was him. It’s not like anyone else would have said such a stupid thing.

“[I’m] an absolute prat for having trusted him, for having said nice things about him.

“What was he all this time? A little mincing, f**king stereotypical, straight asshole hiding behind that it’s a Christian belief.

“Suck my big one. And when you’re done with that, do it again. On your f**king knees. Piece of crap.”

McKenzie is up for eviction tonight – but only after hundreds of complaints were lodged over his appearance on the show.

In complaints seen by PinkNews, a number of viewers have complained about the decision to put McKenzie in the house despite homophobic comments in a pre-recorded interview. Others insist that the decision amounts to a failure to safeguard the other housemates.

Broadcast watchdog Ofcom says it is currently evaluating the complaints.

McKenzie is currently a member of the far-right English Democrats party. A party leader has defended McKenzie – by claiming that Muslim CBB housemates would murder gay people.

The UK Independence Party previously claimed to have “sacked” McKenzie after he insisted that same-sex adoption is child abuse  – but despite this supposed “sacking” the party went on to quietly select him to run for Parliament again last year.

Senior members of UKIP insist they are now “glad to be rid” of McKenzie, who left of his own accord to join the English Democrats a few months ago.