Bisexual Jamaican man wins right to stay in the UK after deportation battle

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A bisexual Jamaican man has finally been given the right to stay in the UK, after battling deportation.

Orashia Edwards, 33, has spent three and a half years battling attempts to deport him to Jamaica – where he says he would face discrimination because of his sexuality.

Mr Edwards, who has been detained a number of times, initially had his pleas for asylum on the grounds of sexuality rejected – after authorities claimed was heterosexual and had just been “experimenting” with men.

The UK government pushed ahead with plans to deport Mr Edwards, even though homosexuality is illegal in Jamaica, and LGBT people face the risk of vigilante violence.

But this week he finally won the right to remain in the country, after a string of victories.

He said in a statement: ” I want to thank everyone who has supported my campaign over the years, none of this would have been possible.

“I’m finally allowed to work so have applied for my National Insurance number and can go get a job and open my own bank account. Things are really looking up for me, I’m buzzing.”

Despite the victory, a number of other LGBT people are still battling deportation to countries where they face jail, violence or even death.

Bisexual Jamaican man wins right to stay in the UK after deportation battle

Nigerian lesbian activist Aderonke Apata is facing deportation after a High Court judge rules she “fabricated” her sexuality.

Gay people can face 14 years in prison in Nigeria – but her applications for asylum were repeatedly denied on the grounds that she couldn’t “really” be a lesbian because she has had children.