The UAE wants to arrest two men for ‘outrageous’ dancing in military uniforms

Arrest warrants have been put out for two men in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for “outrageous” dancing.

The men were featured in a video online which showed them dancing in military uniforms.

The two men have arrest warrants out for them in the UAE, for the “physical movements”, and for a lack of respect for the uniforms.

Prosecutors have accused the men of “making outrageous physical movements that did not respect the uniform, the morale and the value of national service”.

In addition the BBC reports that the prosecutors say the video was “an insult to the honour of military service.”

The UAE is embroiled in a battle against the Houthi rebel movement in Yemen.

Having suffered dozens of casualties, the UAE is sensitive to the way military members are portrayed.

The prosecutors issued the complaint that “some irresponsible persons were behaving improperly and in a manner that was certainly contemptuous of the local community which looked to its armed forces with deep respect and veneration”.