Grindr user kidnapped by three teens at gunpoint and robbed

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Three teens have been arrested and charged after kidnapping a Grindr user at gunpoint and robbing him.

The teens used Grindr to locate the 31-year-old West Palm Beach victim.

After he drove to them at the 200 block of Northwest Fourth Avenue, they forced their way into his car, pointed the gun at him and demanded money from him.

Boynton beach

The suspects in the robbery and kidnapping (Image: Boyanton Beach Police Department)

The Boynton Beach Police Department wrote a post about the incident, saying the teens then made the victim drive to an ATM, where he was escorted to the bank.

When the victim and his captor exited the car, he saw a chance to flee to a nearby business.

After calling the police, the teens fled, but police apprehended them, charging them with armed kidnapping and armed robbery.

The teenagers will be held at the Juvenile Assessment Center.

BB guns were found in the bushes near the ATM machine, which are believed to be the weapons used to rob the man.

A gang of four men last year mugged two people after posing as a potential date on Grindr.