Sir Elton John slams Donald Trump for using music without permission

Sir Elton John has became the latest musician to speak out after Donald Trump used his music without permission.

The billionaire reality TV star-turned-politician has been condemned by a string of musician for using their music to ‘warm up’ rallies – where he often spreads extremely divisive views.

Mr Trump has faced a string of complaints about the practise in the past week, after he ditched his support for same-sex marriage – saying he would “strongly consider” appointing new Supreme Court justices to overturn it.

Adele’s reps yesterday asked Mr Trump to stop using her music, after playing ‘Rolling in the Deep’ – and now out singer Sir Elton has joined the fray.

After Trump used Rocket Man and Tiny Dancer, Sir Elton’s publicist confirmed that permission had not been given.

According to ContactMusic, they said: “Elton’s music has not been requested for use in any official capacity by Donald Trump.

“Any use of his music should not be seen as an endorsement of Donald Trump by Elton.”

Sir Elton John slams Donald Trump for using music without permission

Country singer Neil Young demanded he stop using his music last year, while Aerosmith also put a stop to Trump using their music in October.

Sir Elton John recently confirmed he is trying to “fix a date” to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to open a dialogue on LGBT rights.

He said: “I feel very honoured that he wants to see me and he’s put the olive branch out and it’s essential that I do go over there and just put my foot in the water and see what we can do change the situation for LGBT people in Russia.

“Even though the Russians say it’s great it is very very, it’s not great at all. But you know, as I said, I want to try and knock the wall down a little bit, so I will be trying to go and see him.”