Out pop star Duncan James feels ‘lucky’ his daughter accepts his sexuality

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Duncan James feels lucky his daughter is accepting of him as a “gay dad”.

The Blue singer – who came out as gay four years ago – says he is grateful his ten-year-old daughter is so understanding of his sexuality.

“I was worried how she’d feel about having a gay dad. But I’m so lucky because she’s so accepting,” he told Closer magazine.

Out pop star Duncan James feels ‘lucky’ his daughter accepts his sexuality

The star added that he would like more children in the future – especially as his little girl has been so accepting.

“I know a lot of gay people who have gone through surrogacy to have kids, and there aren’t that many of us who have managed it naturally,” he said.

“I think I’d like more kids, but I’d want to be in a stable relationship.

“It’s really hard meeting people, especially when you’re in the public eye.”

After coming out as gay in 2012, James said he feared people would harass him in the streets because of his sexual orientation.

“[I came out] when I was about 26-years-old after having a secret four year relationship with a guy.”

“I thought I would be gay bashed in the street with people shouting ‘queer’.

“I had all of these fears in my head that all of these horrible things were going to happen.”

The Big Reunion star came out as bisexual in an interview back in 2009.

He has since identified himself as gay in various interviews.