The women in David Cameron’s Cabinet aren’t happy that sex ed won’t be compulsory

The women in David Cameron’s Cabinet aren’t happy with the announcement that sex and relationship education (SRE) won’t be made compulsory, say reports.

Yesterday it was announced by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, that the Government had rejected calls to make SRE compulsory in all schools.

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At the time Mrs Morgan said she would ‘review’ the issue in future. The Government has faced long-time calls to make SRE compulsory for the benefit of all students, but in particular to raise awareness of LGBT issues.

A number of reports have suggested, following child abuse cases, that compulsory SRE can keep school children safe by educating them about risks.

However, a report from Channel 4’s Cathy Newman published in the Telegraph today suggests that Mrs Morgan was not happy about having to make the announcement.

According to Ms Newman, the Education Secretary “waged a valiant battle to persuade the Prime Minister to back her” to make SRE compulsory.

The report suggested that Home Secretary Theresa May, International Development Secretary Justine Greening and Business Minister Anna Soubry all back moves to make SRE compulsory.

A government member told Ms Newman: “There’s a divide…For me it gets to the heart of why we need more women in politics. It’s not just because it should be fair, it’s just these are the sort of issues which they understand and the men don’t.”

The women in David Cameron’s Cabinet aren’t happy that sex ed won’t be compulsory

The Telegraph report suggests that the reason behind the rejection of compulsory SRE was fear that it would take away the focus on core subjects.

A Government spokesman told PinkNews: “Both Nicky and the Prime Minister believe it’s important that young people are properly prepared to succeed in modern Britain and schools have a key role to prepare them to do that. High quality PSHE is one way schools should be doing that.”

PinkNews has reached out to Nicky Morgan’s office and 10 Downing Street for comment.