Texas Christian baker refuses to make wedding cake for gay couple, just like Jesus wanted

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A baker in Texas has become the latest to turn away a gay couple – because of her purportedly Christian beliefs.

Longview couple Ben Valencia and Luis Marmolejo had gone to local bakery Kerns Bake Shop, from which they have bought several cakes in the past, while trying to order a cake for their wedding on March 27.

But the couple – who got engaged after the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage last year – were turned away by bakery co-owner Edie Delorme, who insisted she would not make a cake for a “homosexual marriage”.

Valencia told the Kilgore News Herald that the baker made the pair feel like “cockroaches” by discriminating against them – and lamented the lack of equality laws in the Republican-dominated state.

He said: “I feel like people should be able to go to somewhere to get something done without having to worry about who they are.

“Obviously we don’t have laws that protect against that sort of discrimination in Texas, so you really can’t sue the lady, but I just think people should know that that happened.

“Businesses have the right to refuse service, but if she’s going to be like that, why doesn’t she just put a sign that says, ‘We don’t make homosexual cakes’?”

Delorme told The Longview News-Journal that there are many cakes she refuses to make because of her Christian beliefs – and that she would rather stop making wedding cakes altogether than cater a gay wedding.

She said: “If I went to a baker, a homosexual baker, and they didn’t want to provide a cake for an event that maybe celebrated marriage between a man and a woman, that would be OK for them to say, ‘That’s not in line with our values’.

“We don’t do alcohol-related cakes or risque (ones). We’ve turned down cake for, like, ‘Can you make a giant Skoal can?’?

“It’s not like we single out one reason.”

Despite their claim, the bakery’s Facebook page features several cakes made for Halloween in contradiction with evangelical Christian teachings.
Texas Christian baker refuses to make wedding cake for gay couple, just like Jesus wanted
Texas Christian baker refuses to make wedding cake for gay couple, just like Jesus wanted
The baker added that she has gay relatives – but wouldn’t make a wedding cake for them either.

She said: “[My gay nephew] knows that… it’s not a lifestyle choice that I support for him, but I love him.”

However, Delorme admitted that she doesn’t quiz other prospective cake-buyers to see if they conform to Biblical values on divorce and pre-marital sex.

She said: “We’ve talked about that. We would really have to do a lot of prying [sic] to find out.

“That’s something [husband] David and I would have to talk about, whether that would be something that we should participate in or not.”

Presumably she wouldn’t cater Kim Davis’ fourth wedding – but perhaps she could introduce some sort of ‘worthiness’ quiz for prospective customers.

However, luckily Valencia and Marmolejo won’t have to go cakeless – as a nearby baker who heard about their plight has stepped up to help them for free.

Tee Allen of ‘Mama Tee’s Cakes and Catering’ said: “I don’t care if you’re pink, purple, polka-dotted, gay or straight, if you want me to make you a cake, I’m going to make you a cake.

“We’re all humans. We all bleed the same color, no matter what our skin color is or [our sexual orientation]. We all bleed the same color. We’re all people.”