Hook-up app users back Hillary Clinton for president

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Users of a popular gay hookup app are backing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for president.

Scruff conducted an in-app survey of nearly 15,000 US users, asking them about their party and candidate preferences.

Unsurprisingly, ,ore than 70% of respondents affiliated themselves with the Democrats – nine times greater than the 8% who said they support the Republican party.

Independents comprised nearly 16% of respondents, with Libertarians (2%), Greens (1%), and other parties (2%) accounting for the remaining responses.

Hook-up app users back Hillary Clinton for president

“The upcoming U.S. presidential election is an undeniably hot topic. The recent passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, and the resulting Supreme Court vacancy, is a timely reminder of how transformative a supportive president can be for LGBT rights in America,” wrote Scruff’s chief product officer, Jason Marchant, Chief Product Officer.

Among the 10,510 Democratic respondents, Hillary Clinton had 63% of , while 31% supported Bernie Sanders.

On the Republican side, 39% of respondents said they would vote for Donald Trump, who had a substantial 20-point lead over Marco Rubio (19%).

Rounding out the field were John Kasich (9%), Ted Cruz (6%), Jeb Bush (5%) – who dropped out of the race while the survey was conducted – and Ben Carson (2%).

Last month, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) board of 32 LGBT rights leaders also voted unanimously in favour of Hillary Clinton for President – noting her raft of LGBT policy pledges.

HRC opted to favour Clinton’s plan – which includes 24 sweeping pledges across LGBT policy areas – over Sanders, who has outlined just seven specific LGBT policies.

Sanders quickly rebuked the decision, suggesting the endorsement “cannot possibly be based on the facts” because he has been a lifelong supporter of LGBT rights – and accused HRC of being an “establishment organisation voting for the establishment candidate”.

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However, last week, it was revealed the majority of LGBT voters also want Clinton as the next president

Although 31% said they thought Sanders would be more supportive of LGBT rights – Clinton came in at 25%, with 37% indicating that the two candidates are equally supportive – more LGBT voters said they think the former Secretary of State would make a better leader overall.