People are going crazy for Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘fat’ Russian doppelganger

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The internet is going wild over a Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike from Russia.

After being discovered by online sleuths last month, the Russian security guard has now been picked up by Russian TV.

33-year-old Roman Burtsev is using his lookalike skills to play the Hollywood star in a new show called Romance With DiCaprio.


The aim of the programme, according to reports, hopes to transform Burtsev into more of a convincing likeness to the American actor.

As well as singing, undergoing a Revenant-style endurance test and posing with fans, the security guard has also been made to ice skate on screen.

Burtsev is not the first lookalike to have graced social media.

Last year, a Swedish bartender found himself amid an internet frenzy just for looking quite a lot like DiCaprio.


The star is hoping to win his first Oscar tonight for his performance in the Revenant.

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