Sir Elton John responds to claims he sexually harassed his bodyguard

Sir Elton John has slammed a lawsuit from his former bodyguard, who claims he was sexually harassed by the singer.

Jeffrey Wenninger, who was previously employed to protect the singer, accused him of sexual harassment across three separate incidents in a suit filed in Los Angeles this week.

In the lawsuit, Mr Wenninger alleges that Sir Elton put his hand down his trousers and also that he tried to put his fingers between his buttocks. It is also alleged that Sir Elton told his former bodyguard to “get your todger out” and “say hello to Uncle Elton”.

On another occasion, Mr Wenninger said that the 69-year-old singer allegedly groped him, twisted his nipple and said, “you have so many gay genes in you, they just haven’t met up yet.”

Sir Elton responded to the suit today, attacking the “baseless” lawsuit and suggesting Mr Wenninger is only after money.

The singer’s lawyers said in a statement: “This baseless lawsuit is brought by a disgruntled former security officer seeking to extract an undeserved payment.

“These claims are patently untrue and contradicted by numerous previous statements made by this plaintiff.

“We will not give in to his latest abuse of the legal system.”

As well as sexual harassment, Mr Wenninger has also accused Sir Elton of battery and filed the case in Los Angeles.
Sir Elton John responds to claims he sexually harassed his bodyguard
Although only three alleged incidents are listed, Mr Wenninger’s legal team say similar acts occurred in “escalating frequency and intensity” from 2010.

They added that Mr Wenninger attempted to physically and verbally resist, but that this didn’t stop Sir Elton.

Court papers state that Mr Wenninger is seeking damages for “being placed in fear for his physical well-being”, adding that he “suffered and continues to suffer extreme pain and mental anguish to his mind and body”.

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