Elton John once sent Lewis Capaldi a hilarious note promising to bring out his ‘latent homo’

Elton John Lewis Capaldi

Scottish hitmaker Lewis Capaldi once received the nod of approval from Elton John, with the pop legend sending him a tongue-in-cheek note about being a “latent” gay man.

In Capaldi’s new Netflix documentary, How I’m Feeling Now, the “Someone You Loved” singer opened up about his experience of poor mental health, which resulted in him having to take a four-month break from creating his new album.

He described how, alongside living with Tourette’s syndrome, he also has to deal with frequent bouts of “imposter syndrome”, and once chatted about it with fellow singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

Lewis Capaldi meets Elton John at his home.
Elton John once jokingly threatened to bring out Lewis Capaldi’s “latent homo”. (Twitter/@eltonofficial)

Sheeran decided to mention the conversation to Elton, who then sent Capaldi a sweet email, urging him to “stop” the negative thinking – or else.

Reading the email out loud, Capaldi, 26, began: “Dear Lewis, I was talking to Ed yesterday and we were talking about you. He said you were feeling a bit like an imposter. B******s. You are totally your own man.

“You write beautiful songs that resonate with millions of people. You are great live and a wonderful singer. You’re also very funny and original,” the email continued.

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Elton then took the opportunity to playfully rib Capaldi about his sexuality, writing: “I mean this sincerely, stop it now please or I will come up to Suffolk and bring out the latent homo in you.”

Signing off, he wrote: “Buckets of love, Elton.”

While Capaldi is currently in a relationship with actress Ellie MacDowall, it’s possible that Elton is jokingly referring to the singer’s sneaky kiss with fellow pop star Harry Styles at this year’s Brit Awards.

Styles and Capaldi were seen giving each other a quick kiss on the lips at the music ceremony in February, with the latter then heard quipping: “I’ve just kissed Harry Styles on the lips, I’m fully erect.”

While many online Twitter users immediately cried “queerbaiting”, it appears the pair were just having a bit of fun.

Elton, Capaldi and Styles are currently all on tours, with veteran performer Elton set to stage one of his last ever shows at this year’s Glastonbury festival.

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