Father did not shoot gay son over sexuality, say police

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Police investigating the death of a gay man have said that his sexual orientation was not the main reason his father is believed to have murdered him.

Amir Issa was found shot to death outside his family’s home in California, on March 29.

His father, Shehada Issa, was arrested and charged with murder.

Prosecutors say that the father had previously threatened his son’s life on several occasions.

Father did not shoot gay son over sexuality, say police

The body of Issa’s mother, Rabihah Issa, was also found. Investigators found her covered with blood in the bathroom of the house and noted that she appeared to have been dead “for a while.”

But now LAPD homicide Detective John Doerbecker has told the Los Angeles Times that the son’s sexual orientation is not the main reason he murdered his son.

“Dad killed mom and then killed his son to cover it up,” said Doerbecker.

LAPD Sergeant Greg Bruce told the Los Angeles Times that the investigation into her death is still ongoing.

Shortly after his death, a Facebook post supposedly written by Amir Issa was discovered, hinting at the troubled family life he led.

The post, which was written just ten days before his death, described his life at home as a “living hell”.

“Every day I wake up feeling like my sister or brother or mother or father is literally controlling me in my sleep,” Issa wrote.

“I have no free will.”

He also alleged that his relatives stole money from him and tried to have him imprisoned.

This is not the first time he had shared a snapshot of his troubled home life on the internet.

In January 2014, Issa posted a bizarre video of himself discussing anal sex with two people thought to be his mother and father.

Father did not shoot gay son over sexuality, say police

In the video – which contains graphic and disturbing language – his ‘father’ tells him he is a “pervert” and should be “castrated,” whilst his ‘mother’ shares details of her sex life.

Authorities told the Los Angeles Daily News that Shaheda Issa made incriminating statements about his son’s killing.

“He claimed [the son] was armed with a knife, and there was no knife to be found [there],” Operations Valley Bureau Homicide Detective John Doerbecker told the paper.

Shehada Khalil Issa, is currently being held without bail.

He has been charged with murdering his son, which was originally treated as a hate crime.

Nobody has been charged in the death of his wife.