Kim Davis law firm vows to defend the Holy Bible as next client

The law firm that defended Kim Davis has got a new client: the Bible.

Right-wing evangelical law firm Liberty Counsel defended the Kentucky clerk for free when she was slapped with a lawsuit last year, for blocking the weddings of same-sex couples.

But after her case concluded, the firm is after a new client: the Bible.

Tennessee lawmakers this week signed off on a plan to make the Christian Word of God their official state book – a flagrant flouting of the separation of church and state.

It is set to join the official state fruit (tomatoes) official state flower (Irises), official state animal (the racoon) and official state gun (.50-caliber sniper rifle)… but the plan is facing potential legal trouble on the grounds of being a bloody stupid idea.

But fear not: the Liberty Counsel are here.

The law firm said it is “willing to defend this constitutional legislation pro bono if the governor should decide against doing so”.

LC litigator Horatio Mihet said: “The Establishment Clause requires government neutrality toward religion, but the Tennessee legislature’s selection of the Bible as the state book does not require anyone to read the Bible, and it does not require anyone to observe or adhere to the teachings of the Bible.

“Tennessee can lawfully and constitutionally select the Bible to be the official state book given the importance of the Bible to the state, its laws, and its history; doing so is no more an affront to the Constitution than is selecting the state beverage or the state animal.

“It is simply a factual acknowledgment of the undisputed, historical fact that the Bible was important to the foundation of the nation and of Tennessee, and that it’s important to the citizens of Tennessee.”