Ted Cruz supports ‘perfectly reasonable’ North Carolina anti-LGBT bill

Ted Cruz has again expressed his support for “perfectly reasonable” anti-trans bathroom bills, saying he doesn’t want ‘men’ in bathrooms with his women.

Misgendering trans women, and completely missing the point, Cruz made the comments in an interview which will air this evening.

Ted Cruz supports ‘perfectly reasonable’ North Carolina anti-LGBT bill

Speaking to NBC’s Church Todd, Cruz said: “As the father of daughters, I’m not terribly excited about men being able to go alone into a bathroom with my daughters.”

“Men should not be going to the bathroom with little girls,” he went on.

Apparently, Cruz thinks that “is a perfectly reasonable determination for the people to make.”

Cruz’s comments come in the midst of a nationwide controversy over bills passed in Mississippi and North Carolina, limiting the rights of transgender people. The bills mainly target the right of trans people to use a gender-appropriate bathroom.

The Republican Presidential hopeful said he thinks the response to the bills was “political correctness”.

“Listen, the Obama Education Department is going against a junior high insisting that the junior high must allow a teenage boy to shower with teenage girls,” said Cruz.

“Now, that’s just nuts. I mean, that’s not a reasonable decision. That’s crazy.” he added.

He would not comment on an executive order signed by Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina, which was seen as an attempt to “water down” his state’s HB2.

Ted Cruz supports ‘perfectly reasonable’ North Carolina anti-LGBT bill

Cruz was earlier this week accused of telling brazen lies – after claiming he immediately condemned a pastor who said gays should be put to death.