North Carolina hotel sends the perfect message with its new pro-trans bathroom signs

A hotel has made a gesture of acceptance for its bathrooms by putting up signs saying it doesn’t mind which one trans people use.

The 21c Museum Hotel in Durham, North Carolina, put up the signs outside all its bathrooms, reports teleSUR.

Including a symbol combining the traditional male and female bathroom signs, it reads “we don’t care”.

The hotel and museum released a statement saying it is “demoralising that sanctioned discrimination could be a cause contemplated, let alone endorsed, by public officials elected to represent a diverse and complete constituency.”

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Hundreds of business leaders have urged the repeal of North Carolina’s HB2, and multiple celebrities have pulled out of appearances, including Ringo Starr and, Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen was even accused of using “bully tactics” for cancelling the concert by one of the state’s Representatives.

But dozens of celebrities and hundreds of fans came to the defence of Springsteen, commending him for taking a stand.

Others such as Mumford and Sons and Cyndi Lauper have said they will appear but that they will donate their profits to LGBT rights organisations.

Mississippi also faces similar threats as Bryan Adams and Sharon Stone have pulled out of appearances there.