Fagbug driver attacked in post office

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A woman who travelled the States in a Volkswagen Beetle she turned into a symbol of gay pride, was reportedly attacked by a man in a post office.

Erin Davies who traveled to all 50 states to discuss how she turned the car into gay pride-mobile after it was vandalised, also used the opportunity to create a documentary and speak about hate.

Fagbug driver attacked in post office

The 38-year-old said that throughout the journey she had never been attacked until an incident at a post office in Syracuse, New York, last Saturday.

According to the police, Ms Davies was in line at the post office when a man, who has been named as Casey White, came in and went directly up to her and loudly spat on the floor.

When an employee asked why he had just spit on the ground, he reportedly replied, “No, I spit at this bitch.”

White is accused of then pushing Ms Davies, before employees escorted him out.

The report to police then says before leaving, White turned around and charged at Ms Davies, who jumped over the counter to get away from him.

Ms Davies reported that the man then said he would be waiting outside to beat her up and threatened to kill her before eventually being restrained and taken out.

White was found by police a short distance from the post office and charged, shouted to Ms Davies, “who drives a Fagbug on Salina Street? I don’t understand why you drive that car?”

Ms Davies travelled America after her Beetle was spray-painted with the words “fag” and “u r gay” in 2007.

She decided to leave the paint there and tour the country to talk to people about the message the car had.

She released a documentary called ‘Fagbug’ in 2009.

She said: “After 9 years of doing Fagbug, I took comfort in the fact that no one ever attacked me physically.

“I went to all 50 states and never had that happen.”