Colton Haynes talks about ‘terminal anxiety’ as he confirms he is gay

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Colton Haynes has opened up about living with “terminal anxiety”, in an interview in which he also revealed that he is gay.

The Arrow and Teen Wolf actor made the revelation that he is gay in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Colton Haynes talks about ‘terminal anxiety’ as he confirms he is gay

The star responded to a Tumblr post he wrote in January which caused a storm of questions –and which many took to mean he was coming out as gay.

He told EW: “It was a complete shock. I wasn’t ready to be back in the headlines… I should have made a comment or a statement, but I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t feel like I owed anyone anything. I think in due time, everyone has to make those decisions when they’re ready, and I wasn’t yet. But I felt like I was letting people down by not coming forward with the rest of what I should have said.”

Haynes spoke of living with “terminal anxiety” his entire life, and attributed that to having taken breaks from Arror and Teen Wolf.

“I asked to step away because I cared more about my mental and physical health than my career at the time,” he said.

“I’ve had terminal anxiety my entire life. Physically ill, fainting. I’m 27 years old, and I have an ulcer. I had to step back.”


The star was praised for his relaxed approach to questions about his sexuality on social media platform Tumblr when he posted in January.

A user on the site wrote “When I found out that Colton Haynes had a secret gay past, I got so excited even though I know it makes absolutely no difference to in my life!”

Haynes, who has previously modelled for the likes of Abercrombie and Fitch, responded: “Was it a secret? Let’s all just enjoy life & have no regrets :)”

The actor – who is immensely popular and active on a number of social media platforms – has previously refused to discuss his sexuality and love life, although fans have often speculated about it.

However, he has been an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights, sharing pictures and messages of support online of his gay brother Joshua and his husband Scott.

In a Tumblr post posted earlier on Saturday, Haynes expressed excitement about 2016, saying he “can’t wait to live a happy/healthy life this year.”

“No fear this year,” he had tweeted on New Year’s Eve. “Cheers #2016.”

The actor has previously opened up about his lifelong struggle with anxiety, which he said led to hospitalisation, unemployment, and loss of friendships.

Haynes’ fellow Arrow star John Barrowman last year said it was time for an openly gay superhero to get their own TV show.

The actor – who has a role as antihero Malcolm Merlyn in CW’s superhero drama – called for a gay hero to get a slice of the genre in some form.

Colton Haynes talks about ‘terminal anxiety’ as he confirms he is gay

When asked by the Advocate whether audiences would be ready for a gay hero, Barrowman said: “Personally, I don’t care if they are, or not. It’s time we had one.”