The Masked Singer’s Colton Underwood has had ‘talks’ about gay version of The Bachelor

Gay star of The Masked Singer and The Bachelor, Colton Under, in a translucent vest

The Masked Singer star Colton Underwood has said it’s time for a gay version of The Batchelor.

Underwood came out publicly as gay two years after appearing on (the heterosexual) US dating show in 2019.

Although he has since married political strategist Jordan C. Brown, Underwood appreciates that love is not as easy for everyone, and has spoken of the need for a queer version of the show that helped propel him to fame.

After being unmasked as “Lovebird” in the current season of The Masked Singer US on Thursday (11 April), Underwood spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the need for a gay version of The Bachelor – and beyond.

“I’ve had talks with some of the producers over there”, said the one-time NFL hopeful. “But I think beyond just The Bachelor, there [are] so many other incredible dating shows that might be more-well-equipped format-wise.”

Underwood, who also appeared in The Bachelorette, went on to say: “When you think about the format of The Bachelor, it’s tricky and it’s hard. Our community is so diverse and we play by different rules, and I mean that with all the love and respect, I think there [are] other shows like Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum that did a queer season.

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“There’s a time and a place for a queer dating show. I think it’s time. People would support it and love it. With the representation, it would be great.”

It was previously revealed that the team behind The Bachelor were “talking” about a queer version of the show. Variety quoted producer Jason Ehrlich as saying: “The most wonderful thing is that love is universal, and so is the frustration of not finding love. We’d love the opportunity to tell all kinds of people’s stories.”

Executive producer Bennett Graebner then said: “During my tenure on the show, the two spin-offs that have been pitched most frequently are a Bachelor for older people and a gay Bachelor. We checked one of those boxes. We’re talking about checking the other.”

The idea was reportedly previously thrown around in 2021.

In the UK, BBC’s I Kissed a Boy (and sapphic spin-off I Kissed a Girl) are leading the charge, but there’s still no sign of an LGBTQ+-inclusive Love Island.