This politician’s guide to ‘LGBT jargon’ is the most offensive thing you’ll read all year

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A British politician has released a “queer dictionary” to help people understand “LGBT jargon”, and it is SO offensive it is unreal.

Julia Gasper, a former UKIP local chair and English Democrat local councillor, published her copyrighted list on the same blog on which she has said PinkNews readers should be sectioned, and called David Bowie a “gay Nazi”.

This politician’s guide to ‘LGBT jargon’ is the most offensive thing you’ll read all year

Earlier this month she re-won her seat as a Parish Councillor for Risinghurst and Sandhills for the English Democrats Party.

The academic had previously called for Grindr to be banned, and claimed Daniel Radcliffe and a “queer mafia” were responsible for “victimising” former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich into stepping down.

She also claimed that World AIDS Day “congratulates” people for “spreading this disease”, and said she hoped “guilt” killed “queer gangsters” over same-sex marriage.

In her latest offering, Gasper defines “anti-gay hate crime” as a “hoax perpetrated by homosexuals to make themselves look like victims.”

According to the local politician who appears obsessed with gay culture, the “gay community” is “people busy killing each other then blaming heterosexuals”, and “Love”, according to the queer dictionary is a “two-day drug-fuelled homosexual orgy.”

This politician’s guide to ‘LGBT jargon’ is the most offensive thing you’ll read all year

She goes on to talk about “Lasting love”, calling it a “three-day drug-fuelled homosexual orgy”.

Gasper unfortunately does not go on to define “true love”, which presumably involves some kind of ritual sacrifice.

She does define being “openly gay” as someone who “attends Pride parades wearing just a leather belt and lipstick and waving his genitalia at the youngest children he can find.”

Shying away from offering her expertise on “dumping”, “felching” and “rimming”, Gasper simply writes that they are “too disgusting to be defined here”, directing people to the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) website, or proving that she is down with the kids, Urban Dictionary.

This politician’s guide to ‘LGBT jargon’ is the most offensive thing you’ll read all year

Presumably she used her Googling powers to ‘research’ felching and rimming, in order to draw the conclusion that they are “too disgusting” for her hoardes of subscribers’ delicate eyes.

According to Gasper, “equality” means gays get “state subsidies”, and “bully other people”, and “inclusivity” includes gay people giving each other “top jobs”.

Apparently missing the irony, Gasper defines “homophobes” as “a normal, healthy and well-adjusted person”, suggesting that there is no such thing as “polite disagreement” in gay culture, saying “see death threats”.


Someone needs to speak to Kylie as the charming author defines “gay icon” as “somebody who has died young of AIDS”.

Check out the original post by Julia Gasper, in full, below:

Abhorrent: anything reasonable, natural and harmless
Anti-gay: anything normal, healthy or honest
Anti-gay hate crime: hoax perpetrated by homosexuals to make themselves look like victims
Anti-gay rant: articulate, reasoned discourse expressing logical and factually-based arguments
Bigot: anyone who disagrees with LGBT ideology or resists their agenda in any respect
Bigotry: all ideas, beliefs and opinions apart from LGBT ideology. Particularly morals, truth, high ideals and goodness in general.
Blame: something can only be placed on a heterosexual, never on a homosexual
Boyfriend: homosexual partner, or rentboy
Breeders: heterosexuals
Calling out: public abuse, harassment and bullying of anyone who disagrees with or refuses to affirm LGBT behaviour and dogmas
Chemsex: a strange affliction that homosexuals suffer from through no fault of their own
Chicken: Boy used for homosexual purposes
Coming of age : being sexually abused while young and led to believe you are homosexual
Coming out: Imposing your homosexuality non-stop on other people, and demanding they “affirm” it
Cottaging:  Hanging around public places such as lavatories and parks in hope of finding strangers for homosexual activity.
Dating: Meeting strangers via websites or mobile phone connections for casual sexual encounters.
Diversity: Homosexuals bullying other people
Dumping: Something too disgusting to be defined here. See Urban Dictionary or website of Terry Higgins Trust.
Equality: Homosexuals getting state subsidies and bullying other people
Fault: something that can only belong to a heterosexual e.g. “it’s their fault”
Felching: Something too disgusting to be defined here. See Urban Dictionary or website of Terry Higgins Trust.
Free Speech: a crime to be replaced with a “safe space” for LGBT dogmas.
“G” . GHB gamma hydroxybutyrate, a date-rape drug widely used among homosexual men as a “relaxant” . High dose can cause coma or death.
Gay activist: aggressive extremist, especially one who spies, snoops on or denounces colleagues
Gay-bashing: Reporting any crime committed by a homosexual.
Gay-bashing remarks: Intellectual analysis of false arguments used by LGBT movement.
Gay bowel syndrome: something that does not exist, or if it does it’s caused by heterosexuals
Gay community: People busy killing each other then blaming heterosexuals
Gay icon: Somebody who has died young of AIDS, such as Freddie Mercury or Michel Foucault
Gay liberation: paedophilia
Gay rights: homosexual extremists getting subsidies and bullying everybody else
Gender:  Making false statements about your biological sex or disguising it in some way
Hate: disagreement with LGBT agenda
Hate-crime: fraud staged by homosexuals to make themselves look like victims. There are countless examples.
Hate-group: A group of people who believe and say anything contrary to LGBT dogma
Hate-speech: Any disagreement with LGBT ideology even if expressed by a homosexual
History: fiction written by LGBTs specially for children
Human Rights: homosexuals getting special privileges and bullying other people
Homophobe: a normal, healthy and well-adjusted person
Homophobia: Any disagreement with LGBT ideology or resistance to LGBT agenda in any shape or form. Widely used as a term of abuse and censorship to close down discussion
Homophobic rant: Calm and reasoned criticism of any homosexual’s arguments or actions
Hysterical homophobia: calm, polite discourse that differs from LGBT dogma
ILGA:  international network of affiliated LGBT groups that heterosexuals are expected to fund while believing it doesn’t exist
Infamous: good, useful or beneficial  e.g. “the infamous Section 28”
Inclusivity: Homosexuals giving each other most of the top jobs and bullying other people
Law: something homosexuals uphold and even impose on others if it’s in their favour, but ignore and break if it’s not.
Love: two-day drug-fuelled homosexual orgy. Lasting love: three-day drug-fuelled homosexual orgy
Marriage: avoidance of inheritance tax. Nothing to do with fidelity.
Marriage Equality: Changing marriage to mean anything homosexuals want. Prioritizing lust above everything else.
Moral responsibility: term that does not exist in LGBT language
Nappy: to a heterosexual, something you put on a baby. To a homosexual. something you wear yourself
Obnoxious:  Honest and truthful.
Odious: An opinion that is well-informed and moral
Offensive: people objecting to offensive homosexual behaviour
Openly gay: a homosexual who attends Pride parades wearing just a leather belt and lipstick and waving his genitalia at the youngest children he can find
Pet boy: Boy kept by older man for homosexual activity.
Polite disagreement: this does not exist in LGBT language. See “death threats”.
Poppers: drugs such as amyl nitrate, used as a muscle relaxant. In combination with Viagra, or alcohol, or carelessness, it has been known to kill people apparently
Progress: Censorship and control by homo-extremists.
Radically gay: a homosexual who uses streams of trite LGBT terminology to abuse others
Rampant: anything a homosexual is getting in a temper about
Rant: any statement or opinion differing from LGBT dogma
Relationship: Two people watching porn together.
Research: A criminal offence unless it reaches conclusions that agree with LGBT dogma.
Responsibility: does not exist in LGBT language
Rimming: Something too disgusting to be defined here.  See Urban Dictionary or THT website.
Safe Space: Homosexuals bullying and silencing everybody else, imposing censorship
Science: evidence selected, invented or edited to support LGBT dogmas.
Sex: Sodomy or some other homosexual act.
Shameful: Something good, healthy and normal especially if it involves telling the truth.
Social justice: Rich homosexuals running the country.
Social justice warrior: foul-mouthed abusive online troll, usually pseudonymous
Stigma and prejudice: Accurate statistics about AIDS and other venereal diseases.
Transphobia:  calling people the sex they actually are
Transphobic rant: calm and rational assertion that men are men and women are women.
Translation: the opposite of cis-lation
Transport: the opposite of a cis-port
Twink: boy used for underage perversion by older male
Vile: anything natural, harmless and healthy

This post was originally published by Julia Gasper here