Failed MEP candidate: ‘All hate crime victims like Matthew Shepard are frauds’

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A failed MEP candidate with the English Democrats who recently said Daniel Radcliffe leads a “queer mafia”, has taken to her blog to claim that “hate crimes are frauds”.

Julia Gasper also wrote that gay comedians are “grossly overpaid”, ridiculing the physical appearance of Stephen Fry and Alan Carr.

The former UKIP chair and failed Oxford city council candidate last week stood for the English Democrats in the South East region, but her party won only 0.76% of the vote in the region.

In a piece attacking openly gay Tory MP Conor Burns for responding to one of his constitutes who opposed to same-sex marriage to explain his support for the measure, Gasper also takes aim at Graham Norton, Alan Carr and Stephen Fry and claims that only 1.5% of the population is gay.

She said Mr Burns “is a homosexual who is notorious for lobbying for special rights for homosexuals,” and that in voting for same-sex marriage he “represented only himself”, and not his constituents.

Continuing, she writes: “I also think there are far too many homosexual comedians on TV and they are grossly overpaid. Graham Norton is paid £2.5 million per year just for poncing around in dreadful clothes and displaying a complete lack or wit and charm. I wouldn’t be surprised if the BBC was paying something similar to the horrid little Alan Carr, so-called Chatty Man.

“It would be more accurate to call him Fatty Man. He is like a glazed piglet, with his high-pitched voice and fixed belief that he is entertaining just because he is homosexual. Then there is the unctuous Stephen Fry – it’s almost impossible to switch on a TV without seeing him, portly, preening and self-satisfied.

“Don’t tell me that 1.5% of the population ought in fairness to have such a high percentage of the best-paid jobs. This is elitism and it is odious.”

She also wrote in a previous post on “LGBT fascist: “What you are doing to [anti-gay people] is just like what the Nazi party did to people who would not join.”

Continuing, she said: “So-called ‘hate-crimes’ you refer to in Russia, Uganda etc are frauds. Yes, frauds. Matthew Shepard was a fraud, David Kato was a fraud, gay-burning in Uganda is a fraud…they’re all frauds.”

Gasper had previously called for Grindr to be banned, and claimed Daniel Radcliffe and a “queer mafia” were responsible for “victimising” former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich into stepping down.

She also claimed that World AIDS Day “congratulates” people for “spreading this disease”and said she hoped “guilt” killed “queer gangsters” over same-sex marriage.

She has also claimed that Pink News readers should be sectioned under the Mental Health Actand described Pink News as a “vile rabid dog” of “homosexual bullies”.

She wrote earlier this month: “The vile Pink News is at his throat like a rabid dog. This is disgusting anti-social behaviour. If you believe in democratic rights, tolerance, respect and true diversity you can go to his page and offer him a supportive message.”

She has also written: “There are far too many homosexuals in Parliament.

“There seem to be hundreds of [gay MPs], all in important positions and giving each other favours. That is a violation of democracy.”

Update 2 June 2014: Since publication, Dr Gasper has removed references to PinkNews, Stephen Fry, Graham Norton and Alan Carr from her blog post.