Media planning gay smears against Donald Trump, adviser claims

The former head of Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign has alleged that journalists are planning to claim that the billionaire is gay.

Roger Stone had been a chief political adviser for the reality star-turned-politician’s Presidential campaign for much of last year, but was sidelined in favour of campaign heavyweights after a string of high-profile gaffes. He still serves as a confidante to Trump.

Speaking on conspiracy theory website InfoWars, Stone claimed that the media is planning to smear Trump with gay sex rumours.

He said: “The Washington Post is producing a book on Donald Trump prior to the election [with] 24 investigative reporters on Trump.

“I was personally approached by the Washington Post, they asked me to speak to a reporter on a background basis about what I might know about Trump.”

He added that he met with the reporter and was asked about allegations that Trump has used cocaine, had extra-marital affairs, and had gay sex.

Stone fumed: “She wanted to know ‘what about the reports that Donald Trump is gay?’

“There is no report that Donald Trump is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he is a red-blooded American male, and he is most definitely heterosexual.

“This is what the Washington Post has in mind… their book will be a hit-piece.”

An author played on Trump-mania earlier this year by releasing erotic novella ‘Trump Temptation: The Billionaire & The Bellboy’.

The mercifully brief ten-page story features a young man seduced by the billionaire, who “wants to ride the elevator to the top of his Trump Tower”.

In news that has left us doubting the future of humanity, the novella is set to be adapted into a full-length gay porn film.