Donald Trump: British people shouldn’t listen to me

Donald Trump has instructed people in the UK not to pay attention to what he says.

The UK is voting today on whether to remain a member of the European Union, or whether to leave.

Though a string of world leaders including Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel have urged the UK to stay, Republican Presidential hopeful Trump is one of a small number of international figures who have suggested British people should leave.

Mr Trump, who is set to visit Scotland this Friday, had said: “I would say they are better off without it, personally.”

However, in a Fox News interview ahead of the vote, he appeared to retract his previous statements.

He said: “I’m going to be over there because I’m going to Scotland. I’m right in the middle of it – I’m going to be over there just as the vote is coming in.

“I don’t think anybody should listen to me because I haven’t really focused on it very much.

“My inclination would be to get out, because you know… go it alone, it’s a mess. Go back to where you came from, that’s just my feeling.

“But I want people to do what they want to do.”

“It doesn’t help me one way or the other. Getting out or staying in makes no difference to me, it doesn’t have any impact on me.

“But I also tell people, don’t go with [my] recommendation.”

So there you have it, folks: You have Donald Trump’s own special permission to not pay attention to what he’s saying.