Pulse Orlando to hold ‘defiant’ street party in wake of massacre

Just two weeks on from the horrific Orlando massacre, the Pulse nightclub will hold a defiant street party tonight.

The massacre at the Pulse club was the worst attack on LGBT people in US history, with 49 dead and more than 50 injured.

The club is currently still cordoned off by the FBI – but the owners have vowed to re-open the venue for the local LGBT community.

Barbara Poma, the club’s owner, has stressed that the families of victims were now a part of the club’s family too – and vowed to keep the “heartbeat and spirit” of Pulse alive.

Tonight, the club will continue its Latin night, with a street party on Washington Street, central Orlando.

A statement says: “We need to show we are strong, that Pulse continues and that we appreciate all the help this community has shown us.

“We have all come through an extraordinary and terrible ordeal, and we know that we have to keep moving forward. My commitment is to keep Pulse alive, and this is a great way to start just that.

“Join us for a Latin night of fundraising for the employees of Pulse Orlando.

“The event will feature live music with the Rico Monaco Band and more, Latin food & drinks in the parking lot of Wilsides and Pulse DJ’s, entertainers and bar staff in the courtyard of the Veranda. 100% of the proceeds going to Pulse of Orlando.”

Mayor Buddy Dyer and City Commissioner Patty Sheehan will both join the party, which is set to last from 5 PM until 11 PM.

Club spokesperson Sara Brady confirmed: “It will be Latin night, Washington Street will be closed, Pulse entertainers will be dancing, drag queens… the whole megillah.”