David Cameron marks Pride in London for final time as Prime Minister

David Cameron marks Pride in London for the final time as Prime Minister.

EDITORIAL NOTE: This article was written prior to the EU referendum and Mr Cameron’s announcement he would resign.

I am so pleased to support and celebrate Pride in London again this year.

Our capital city is viewed the world over as a place where you can be who you want to be.

People from all backgrounds – whatever race, gender, religion and sexuality – can live, work and socialise together.

That’s why this year’s Pride in London theme, #nofilter, is so appropriate. It celebrates the spirit of Pride by asking everyone to do something very simple: live your life as you.

I’m so proud that the UK is rated as one of the best places in Europe for LGBT+ equality.

There is, of course, more that can be done by us all to make sure people can live the way they want to live and realise the dreams they have.

That’s why I introduced the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, so people in this country could celebrate their love for one another, regardless of their sexual orientation. And what a fantastic change that has been for our country.

It’s why we continue to insist on zero-tolerance approach to homophobic bullying everywhere.

It’s why we need to do more in other often-overlooked areas, such as the care for elderly members of the LGBT+ community.

We also need to remember that, in many parts of the world, it remains extremely dangerous to be gay, bisexual, transgender or lesbian. That’s why I’m determined to see change and positive reforms, not just in the UK, but around the world, including in the Commonwealth.

Sadly, many LGBT+ people feel the need to filter their behaviour, to self- censor or to hide who they are. Not today. Not any day.

Pride in London says to Londoners, Britain and the world: be yourself. Respect and celebrate diversity. And together, continue to fight for freedom and tolerance.