The UFC just got its first ever out gay champion

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Amanda Nunes just became the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s first out gay champion.

The fighter who won against Miesha Tate in a first round submission in UFC 200, makes history becoming the first out gay champion.


Nina Ansaroff looked on as her girlfriend Amanda Nunes became the UFC champion

“It’s amazing, I am so happy with my life,” she said on Saturday after winning.

She then looked back to her girlfriend Nina Ansaroff, who also fights in the UFC, who smiled on.

“Nina is the best training partner I have in my life,” Nunes said.

“She is shy… She is going to show everybody. She helps me every day … and I love her,” she adds.

The fighter has been open about her sexual orientation and has in the past helped raise funds for LGBT organisations.

Nunes being set to be the next UFC champion was not discussed in the run-up to Saturday’s fight.

But speaking on Saturday she nodded, saying of Ansaroff: “She is going to be the next UFC champion… I mean it.”

Earlier this year, a New York assemblyman has compared mixed martial arts to gay porn, in a bid to keep a ban on the sport.

UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury showed his support for gay rights in 2014 during his weigh-in this past weekend.