Angela Eagle homophobia claims ‘completely untrue’

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The out Labour MP had allegedly faced ‘harassment’ and ‘intimidation’ from Jeremy Corbyn supporters.

Several members of Angela Eagle’s constituency party have hit back at claims of homophobia made last week.

Angela Eagle homophobia claims ‘completely untrue’

Speaking on Daily Politics, Baroness Tessa Jowell said members of Labour’s Parliamentary Party had been subjected to “intimidation, abuse and fear” in the wake of a recent vote of no confidence in Mr Corbyn.

She also claimed that Ms Eagle had suffered anti-gay abuse from members of the pro-Corbyn group Momentum at a constituency meeting in Wallasey.

“I spoke to Angela about her meeting,” Baroness Jowell said. “She faced homophobic abuse at that meeting.”

However, several of those who attended the meeting have refuted the accusation – claiming that Ms Eagle was not even at the meeting in question.

Kathy Runswick – Chair of the Wallasey Constituency – told PinkNews that the allegation was “completely untrue”.

“Angela Eagle was not at the Wallasey Labour Party AGM and thus could not have ‘faced homophobic abuse’,” she added.

“There is zero tolerance of homophobia in Wallasey Labour Party, and the Constituency Labour Party will now fully investigate these new allegations.

Ms Runswick also claimed that “when the meeting took place, Angela was still in the Shadow Cabinet, and was apparently fully supportive of Jeremy Corbyn.

Kathy Miller – Wallasey CLP Secretary – told PinkNews that the accusations were “extremely upsetting”.

“The discussion at the meeting was very supportive of Angela and asked her to continue with that position,” she said.

Angela Eagle homophobia claims ‘completely untrue’

“On a personal basis I was also at the Wallasey CLP AGM meeting, and witnessed no such homophobic behaviour – if I had of witnessed it I would have challenged it immediately.

“I’ve been an active campaigner for gay rights all of my life, my son is gay, we as a family have had to deal with homophobic abuse and I find these allegations extremely upsetting.”

PinkNews has reached out to Ms Eagle’s office regarding Baroness Jowell’s claims, but is yet to receive a response.