Jeremy Clarkson mocks trans-friendly toilets: ‘You might as well install urinals for Klingons’

Jeremy Clarkson has hit out at a report that calls for gender-neutral toilets in Parliament, claiming “you might as well install urinals suitable for Klingons”.

A report commissioned by Commons Speaker John Bercow last week recommended Parliament introduce gender neutral toilets for MPs, staff and visitors “to plan for a future sex/gender parity and diverse Parliament”.

It states: “Unisex/gender neutral toilets should be provided. In respect of the latter, a US restaurant has succinctly explained why: ‘for single dads with daughters, single moms with sons, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, and adults with ageing parents who may be disabled’.”

Jeremy Clarkson claimed in a column in the Sun that it was like introducing toilets for aliens.

He wrote: “This is seen as part of an ongoing struggle to fight sexism and prejudice. Hmmm.

“More like part of an ongoing struggle for our leaders to completely detach themselves from reality.

“First of all, there are no transgender MPs that I’m aware of. So why use taxpayers’ money to provide a facility that isn’t necessary?

“You might as well install urinals suitable for Klingons.”

He continued to mock trans people’s infertility, saying: “It’s all very well fighting for a man’s right to have babies.

“But where’s the foetus going to gestate? In a box?”

Of course it’s not Mr Clarkson’s first ill-informed foray into LGBT issues.

He claimed in a column earlier this year that trans people had their minds “poisoned” by “lunatic” parents.

Clarkson was nominated for Stonewall’s Bigot of the Year award in 2007 for refusing to apologise for homophobic comments on the motoring show.

He had told an audience member that he would not buy a car because it was “a bit gay” and “very ginger beer”, which is rhyming slang for “queer”.

The BBC took no action against Mr Clarkson for the incident, nor three years later when he “demanded the right not to be bummed”, nor 2014 when he posted a picture of himself and a sign saying “gay c*nt”.

Clarkson was eventually sacked from the motoring show last year when he assaulted a producer, but has since signed a lucrative deal with Amazon.

One of Amazon’s only breakout shows so far is Transparent, which is based on the life of an older trans woman.