Obama’s half-brother ‘voting for Trump’ because he’s upset about same-sex marriage

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President Barack Obama’s half-brother says he’d vote for Trump, because he’s upset about same-sex marriage.

Malik Obama, a dual US-Kenyan citizen who is registered to vote in the election, said he would return from Kenya in November in order to vote for Trump.

Mr Obama, who has a strained relationship with his more famous half-sibling and a reputation for making ill-informed comments to the press, spoke out in interviews with Good Morning Britain and the New York Post.

He said: “My brother’s got this attitude, he’s the President of the United States… I’m just expressing my opinion.

“I like Donald Trump because he speaks from the heart. Make America Great Again is a great slogan. I would like to meet him.

“I feel like a Republican now because they don’t stand for same-sex marriage, and that appeals to me.”

President Obama endorsed same-sex marriage in 2013.

Malik Obama is thought to have at least three wives – and possibly as many as 12.

The change of heart is surprising though, given he is a Muslim and Donald Trump plans to ban Muslims from entering the US.

But he continued: “Mr Trump is providing something new and something fresh.”

However, he did concede: “I don’t think politics is my thing.

“Honestly, I’ll be happy when my brother is out of office, and I will finally be out of the limelight and be able to live like a human being.”

Of course it didn’t take long for Trump to accept the endorsement.

He tweeted: “Wow, President Obama’s brother, Malik, just announced that he is voting for me. Was probably treated badly by president-like everybody else!”