Vile homophobic congressman Tim Huelskamp loses seat in primary

A Congressman who has in the past made a string of anti-gay comments has lost his seat to a newcomer in a primary.

Tim Huelskamp a Republican Kansas Representative, lost in a primary on Tuesday to Roger Marshall, a newcomer.


The former Congressman has been one of the most vocally anti-gay members in the House of Representatives, claiming that Obama wants to “destroy the family and replace it with his view of a radical new social agenda”.

He has regularly addressed listed anti-gay hate groups, including the Family Research Council and the National Organisation for Marriage – and in 2013 attempted to introduce a constitutional amendment to override a court ruling in favour of same-sex marriage.

Earlier this year, his aide was arrested and charged with child sex crimes.

Matthew Pennell – who was an aide to Huelskamp – was charged with 17 alleged child sex offences, including sexual exploitation of a minor.

In a short statement, the congressman’s chief of staff Matt Kelly said: “Upon learning of his arrest, the Office immediately placed Mr Pennell on Leave Without Pay until further notice.

“Because this is an ongoing investigation, we are unable to provide further comment at this time.”