Gay student says horrific homophobic attack left him ‘addicted to botox’

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Bobby says he became obsessed with his appearance following the sustained attack which left him bruised, bleeding and unconscious.

A student has revealed he is “addicted to Botox” and enhancing his appearance after a brutal homophobic attack.

Bobby was 19 when he was attacked by a group of homophobic men whilst walking home with his boyfriend.

Gay student says horrific homophobic attack left him ‘addicted to botox’

The group of men beat him until he was unconscious in a vicious 45-minute assault which left him unconscious.

He discussed the attack as part of Channel 5’s upcoming documentary Mascara Boys.

“All of a sudden these guys came out of nowhere, before we knew it the violence started,” Bobby said.

“We were trying walk away, then there were all these fists and all these feet. We were saying ‘stop, what are you doing?’

“According to CCTV it went on for 43 minutes. One of the plus sides is I was unconscious for quite a lot of the attack,” he added.

“When I came round I was semi naked on the floor covered in cuts and bruises and lots of blood.”

The healthcare student said that although his injuries eventually healed, the attack has left lasting psychological damage.

Following his ordeal, Bobby began to receive regular Botox injections and other cosmetic procedures, which he says he is now “addicted” to.

He says altering his appearance is his way of “fighting back” and has restored his confidence.

“I love my Botox and I would love teeth veneers and hair transplant.”

Gay student says horrific homophobic attack left him ‘addicted to botox’

However, the has had so much Botox that his GP ordered a two year break as the treatment was creating lumps in his skin and risking his health.

The documentary also reveals that he could not cry and had trouble smiling due to his extensive beauty regime.

A bisexual 15-year-old recently shared his story after being brutally beaten in a suspected hate attack, leaving him a “prisoner in his own home”.

Mascara Boys: Sex Me Up is on Channel 5 Monday at 10pm.