Gay waiter gets homophobic ‘Adam and Steve’ note instead of a tip

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A waiter has told of the shock he felt after losing out on a tip from a customer – who instead left a homophobic note with the bill.

Eddy Cabrera, who works in Chelly’s Cafe, Missouri – says he was serving a particularly raucous table who were “being rude to him the entire time”.

Gay waiter gets homophobic ‘Adam and Steve’ note instead of a tip

Cabrera says he did his best to serve the table quickly and politely, despite the customer’s consistent rudeness.

However rather than tipping their patient waiter, when the group eventually departed, they left a homophobic note.

“Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” it read.

Cabrera’s friend Jonathon Antle – who was in the diner when the incident took place – was quick to share an image of the note online, saying Cabrera “almost started crying” when he found it.

“This is his livelihood, and they treated him like dirt the entire time,” Antle wrote on Facebook.

“They just took food off of his ‘table’ instead of treating him with basic human decency.”

He added that despite the quote, it was clear that the diners did not really understand the Bible and its teachings.

“What they wrote is not a Bible verse, although I know ‘if you do not love, you do not know God, because God is love’ sure as hell is.”

Cabrera responded to the outpouring of support by writing: “Thank you to everyone. Today was one of those days when everything [seems to go wrong].

“All I can say is God bless all of you.”

He also shared an screenshot of a message allegedly sent by one of the diners who was among the party who left the note.

“I just truly apologise for the events that went into play today, from the bottom of my heart: I am sorry,” she wrote.

Earlier this year, a lesbian waitress was told to read Leviticus by homophobic customers at a diner in North Carolina.