‘Male fitness photographer’ jailed for drugging and raping men he lured to photoshoots

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A Bristol photographer has been jailed, after luring ‘male fitness models’ to his flat to rape them.

Nigel Brent Wilkinson, 43, of Bristol, appeared in Bristol Crown Court.after admitting two counts of rape, three counts of administering a drug with intent to rape and two counts of possession of a prohibited substance

Wilkinson was sentenced to 11-and-a-half years behind bars.

The photographer had approached young men on Instagram, inviting them to his home under the promise of ‘photo shoots’, before using drugs to spike their drinks, having sex with them while they were unconscious.

Det. Con Stacey Matthews told the court how the predator had used his job as a cover to lure in men.

The officer said: “On the surface, Nigel Wilkinson was a photographer with an interest in male fitness models. In private, he was a cunning sexual offender who used his photography enterprise as a cover and catalyst for his deviant activities.”

“The men would often stay at his home and throughout their visit he would ply them with alcoholic drinks, some of which were laced with sedatives.

“While they were in a drugged state, Wilkinson’s predatory nature would prevail and he’d commit sexual acts on them without their consent.”

Shockingly, the police had attended Wilkinson’s home after one man reported what happened to him – only to find a second victim unconscious on the sofa. A third victim has since come forward, but police believe further men could also have been targeted.

The officer said: “We believe there’ll be more victims who haven’t yet come forward and I’d urge them to do so.”

Anyone who has had any contact with Wilkinson is urged to contact police on 101 quoting reference number 5216165860.