Gay politician questioned about sharing a bed with his partner in New York hotel

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PinkNews Exclusive
A Scottish Member of Parliament was left baffled after being questioned why he would want to share a bed with his partner in a New York hotel.

Stewart McDonald, who was in the city on holiday with his partner, checked into the Hotel Pennsylvania after their flight back to the UK was delayed.

One arriving at the check-in desk, the SNP MP was asked if the double room with one bed was correct and when he said it was, he was asked: “Really? Both of you in the same bed?”

Speaking to PinkNews, the Glasgow South MP said: “We were due to fly home at 11pm on 15th August, but after an incident at JFK last night our flight has been delayed until the 16th, so we booked another hotel for one night near to where we were staying.

“Upon seeing we had only booked a double room with one bed, the receptionist queried if this was correct. I told him it was.

“He then replied, ‘Really? Both of you in the same bed?’

“I told him Gordon was my partner and he [the receptionist] then just stood and stared at us for a few seconds, before proceeding to check us in. He was clearly baffled and uncomfortable with the idea of two men, who are in a relationship, sharing a bed.”

Determined not to let it spoil their trip, Mr McDonald added that the receptionist’s attitude showed how far we still had to go in the fight for LGBT rights.

“Same-sex couples just shouldn’t have to go through this sort of stuff in 2016” he added.

“I intend to write to the hotel about the incident once I have returned home.”

PinkNews contacted the hotel in regards to the incident but had yet to receive a reply at the time of publication.