Bigot who claims God punishes gays with floods learns that karma can be a bitch

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Tony Perkins described the floods – which have destroyed thousands of lives – as “incredible” and “encouraging”.

Tony Perkins – president of the anti-gay Christian group Family Research Council – revealed earlier this week that his home has been destroyed in a flood “of near biblical proportions.”

Speaking on Family Research Council radio, Perkins explained that he and his family were forced to escape their flooded home in a canoe.

Bigot who claims God punishes gays with floods learns that karma can be a bitch

“This is a flood, I would have to say, of near biblical proportions,” the homophobic lobbyist announced.

Perkins said that he and his family were new living off of “God’s provisions,” in their mobile home, where they will spend the next six months

Ironically, Perkins – a longtime opponent of LGBT rights – has previously claimed that past hurricanes were a sign of “God’s wrath for the legalisation of gay marriage”.

Following the destruction of his home and an estimated 40,000 others, as well as the senseless deaths of 11 people in the worst floods to hit Louisiana in decades, maybe Perkins may rethink his logic when it comes to natural disasters and the LGBT community – or maybe not.

Although Perkins was careful to point out that this particular flood wasn’t because of the gays, he did describe the tragedy as “incredible” and “encouraging”, adding that it was a chance to “take you to the next level in your walk with an almighty and gracious God who does all things well.”

In other words, if you’re for an ultra-conservative like Perkins, the flood is a good thing.

Earlier this year, the outspoken activist claimed that Christians are now forced to live in “spiritual ghettos”.

In the past, he has accused President Barack Obama of ‘exporting’ homosexuality around the world and declared LGBT rights activists are planning a ‘Christian Holocaust’.

Ahead of the Supreme Court court ruling in favour of equal marriage, Perkins also threatened a “revolution” in the United States over the issue.

Listen to his account of the flood below: