Training video by Department of Justice hopes to help police officers treat trans people respectfully

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A new video released by the US Department of Justice, hopes to train law enforcement officers to be more respectful when it comes to interactions with trans people.

The video was produced by the DoJ’s Community Relations Service.


With example scenarios and different ways to handle, or not handle a situation, the video also explains why some things should or shouldn’t be said in interactions with trans people.

One of the examples sees a woman call the police because she sees a trans woman go into a women’s bathroom, and a trans woman explains why some people in the LGBT community see police as a “non-ally”.

The video basically encourages police officers to be respectful and polite, and to ask how a person wishes to be addressed, especially if they are unsure.

A statement released with the video from the Community Relations Service’s Paul Monteiro, reads: “Transgender Americans, like all Americans, deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect by law enforcement officers. The information provided in this video will help strengthen the relationship between police and the transgender community, allowing for more effective investigations and safer encounters for officers and citizens alike.”

Check out the video below: