Police accused of parodying JK Rowling with fictional anti-trans ‘Jo’ character

Author JK Rowling

A police force that created a fictional character for training purposes called ‘Jo’ who wants transgender people put in gas chambers, has been accused of parodying JK Rowling with the creation.

Critics have claimed that a scenario at a Police Scotland hate crime event was “clearly trying to create a link” with the Harry Potter author. The character, called Jo, was described as an “online influencer” who often “debates her beliefs about the LGBTI community”, The Telegraph reported.

The “youth engagement” event was reportedly held as part of a programme for LGBT History Month, in February

The fictional character was discussed at the event organised by the Scottish LGBTI Police Association and the Time for Inclusive Education campaign group, with the audience asked to consider her actions and discuss whether a hate crime had been committed, and if any action should be taken by police.

The scenario stated that Jo “often gets very passionate about her beliefs and will say things such as: “There are only two genders” and there are “too many attention-seeking wannabes”.

Jo’s most recent post was reportedly a video with the caption: “They all belong in gas chambers.”

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Author Rowling is known for expressing “gender-critical” views, particularly on Twitter/X, frequently mocking gender-neutral language, misgendering trans people and sharing opposition to trans-inclusive laws.  

Harry Potter author JK Rowling looks towards the camera while wearing a black blazer at a press event
JK Rowling. (Getty)

Rowling, whose first name is Joanna and who is often referred to as ‘Jo’, began voicing her views on the trans community in 2020, retweeting a post that discussed “people who menstruate”, and mocking the gender-neutral language used. 

According to The Telegraph, Marion Calder, a director at anti-trans campaign group For Women Scotland, said the scenario was “clearly trying to create a link with JK Rowling”, and that it was “deeply concerning” to see mention of the Holocaust.

“This suggests that gender-critical women with a high profile endorse a mass extinction, which is frankly bonkers, and sends a message to police that perfectly sane women have been radicalised,” Calder said, adding that the sessions were “woke”.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland told PinkNews: “[We] marked LGBT+ History Month by sharing content on our internal channels and hosting online events to recognise the contribution LGBT+ people have made to society, and the many challenges they have faced.

“These events were not mandatory for officers and staff and are not part of Police Scotland’s training.”

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