Watch: Two musicians turned their real-life wedding into this amazing original music video

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YouTube singer Sam Tsui has released an amazing original song and music video featuring his real-life wedding.

The singer has been uploading music videos and covers since 2008, growing an online following and a string of viral hits.

Tsui, whose biggest hits have over 30 million views, had chosen to not speak about his sexuality before – but revealed earlier this year that he was about to tie the knot to fellow musician Casey Breves.

Following the pair’s wedding, Tsui this week released an emotional song for the occasion in collaboration with Breves.

Titled ‘This Promise’, the original song functions as the pair’s vows – while the video features real-life clips of the pair tying the knot.

Tsui explained: “It has been so awesome to share more of myself this year with all of you, and this video is perhaps one of the most special and personal I’ve shared with you yet.

“Aas many of you know, I got married in April to the amazing Casey Breves, and wanted to share a little bit of that day with you because I really do consider you, the Samily, to be a kind of family that means so much to me.

“Please enjoy this virtual invitation to our wedding, and the single we wrote to accompany it – it’s an anthem about the power and timelessness of love.”

The singer previously explained why he had chosen not to discuss his sexuality.

He said: “I am proud of who I am and very proud of my relationship with Cacey, because he is amazing.

“While it’s been a very important part of my personal life, it never had that much to do with my music.

“I never felt the need to do a big tear-y coming out video because honestly, in my daily life it’s such a non-issue.

“If you feel like I’ve been evasive or somehow dishonest in not telling you about this stuff sooner, I just want to assure you that that was never my intention.”