Scott Mills plans to include ‘not one but two’ Eurovision nods in upcoming wedding to boyfriend Sam

Scott Mills and Rylan have absolutely smashed it with their Eurovision semi-final coverage this year, which is unsurprising given the fact that Scott Mills loves Eurovision so much he’s even planning to include it in his upcoming wedding.

The pair, who are both gay, and who both work as BBC Radio 2 presenters, are sharing commenting duties for the semis. The first of which took place on Tuesday 7 May and the second will be held on Thursday 9 May.

Australia sadly crashed out of the semi-final on 7 May and won’t be appearing in the Grand Final on Saturday, but Scott Mills and Rylan delighted viewers was their hilarious introduction of Aussie act Electric Fields: they managed to work in a saucy double entendre.

“You will gasp when you see the size of that didgeridoo when it comes up,” they said. “It’s huge.”

The year before, Rylan also got a lot of praise (and laughs) by referencing hit Australian sitcom Kath and Kim in his introduction:

Their 2024 coverage got a big thumbs up from Eurovision fans, with one tweeting “@Rylan and @scott_mills THANK YOU for cheering up my Tuesday. Who needs Vitamin D when you’re both giving us all the feel good we need. Thank you beautiful people.”

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Scott Mills, who is a Eurovision superfan and who came out as gay in 2001, has devoted a lot of airtime on his show to Eurovision lately, which is unsurprising giving his semi-final commenting duties – and the fact he’ll be presenting his show live from Malmö.

Today (8 May), he will be interviewing Olly Alexander about how his first live performance of UK Eurovision entry “Dizzy” went, you can listen on the BBC Sounds app.

Scott Mills wedding

In fact, Scott Mills is such a huge fan of Eurovision that he’s even planning to include “nods” to the iconic song contest in his upcoming wedding to fiancé Sam Vaughan this summer: they announced their engagement on Instagram in 2021.

OK Magazine reports that the 51-year-old is “feeling the pressure” ahead of his nuptials this year.

“Planning is going really well, it’s really near now,” he explained. “It’s a summer wedding. I think we’re worked out all the logistics of everything and what’s going to happen on the day.”

However, he said he’s running a bit behind with one key task: “What I haven’t written yet, which I think I should tackle quite soon and I’ll probably do it the week after Eurovision, is my speech,” he added.

When he was asked if guests can expect a Eurovision theme for his big day, Scott admitted that there will be “nods” to the iconic singing contest.

“I’m actually taking my fiancé to Eurovision this year,” he continued. ‘When we met, he kind of knew what I did but he didn’t know that I worked on Eurovision and he was like, ‘No, I don’t like Eurovision, it’s not really for me, I don’t get it.’

“That was fine. Then I said to him one year – the first year that me and Rylan started working together – I said, ‘Just come for two days and see if you like it.’ He came for two days, absolutely loved it and has been there ever since for the whole week!

“He’s gone from disliking Eurovision to loving it so much that there are not one but two nods to Eurovision at our wedding.”

Although Scott kept quite tight-lipped about the fine details, he did admit that one of the songs that his wedding guests will be arriving to is a former Eurovision winning song.

“It’s not that hard to work out. When I told the people who are going to be performing it, I thought they’d be like, ‘What’s that?’ They were like ‘Oh, everyone knows that song, of course we’ll do it’ So they’re going to do a slow, acoustic version of this winning song.”

Who is Scott Mills’ husband-to-be Sam Vaughan?

Scott Mills and Sam Vaughan attend the launch of Rylan Clark’s new book “Ten: The Decade That Changed My Future” at the BT Tower on September 23, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Marsland/Getty Images for Orion Books)

Scott Mills fiancé Sam Vaughan is a freelance audio producer and company director. His LinkedIn lists him as the “producer of Series 3 and 4 of Scott Mills and Steve Mann’s Pupdates Podcast”.

He also runs Influx Live, which is a live talent agency and audio production company.