Pokémon Go adult film parody is the epitome of poor taste (VIDEO)

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Gotta catch ’em all!

Men.com – the studio behind classics such as ‘Prison Show’ and ‘Stepfather’s Sin’ – has decided to give Pokemon Go an X-rated twist in it’s latest release.

Sure to ruining your nostalgic childhood memories, the film – titled Fuckémon Go: A Gay XXX Parody – the film sees our favourite characters playing with each other’s Poké Balls and getting up close and personal with Peek-a-Choo.

Pokémon Go adult film parody is the epitome of poor taste (VIDEO)

The film’s description reads: “After a long day of mastering their ball-handling technique catching F**kémon, Ash and his buddy, Brock, are in for a surprise.

“When the boys hunt down and catch a rare Peek-a-Choo, he evolves into a muscular sex god.

“What are these boys to do when faced with a hunky, real-life Peek-a-Choo?”

The video stars Johnny Rapid – who last year offered the pop star Justin Bieber $2m to film a gay porn film with him – as Ash, Will Braun as Brock and Adam Bryant as Peek-A-Choo.

Edward James, the video’s director, said: “Gay men have been using location-based apps for cruising and hooking up since the dawn of smartphones. ‘Gotta catch ‘em all’ could easily be a tagline for gay location-based dating apps too.”

However, this is not the first time the franchise has been parodied.

In the wake of it’s global success, Pokemon Go found itself the subject of a gay erotic novel.

Pokémon Go adult film parody is the epitome of poor taste (VIDEO)

Author Chuck Tingle made the swift decision to cash in on the game’s popularity back in July, quickly penning an erotic tale of “digital monster love”.

Amazon describes the aptly named ‘Pokebutt Go’ as a 4,000-word erotic tale of “sizzling human on gay Pokebutt action, including anal, blowjobs, rough sex, cream pies, and digital monster love.”

The latest parody comes after X-rated versions of Tarzan and… Brexit – much to JK Rowling’s amusement.

Last December, on the same day that the world went wild for the latest instalment in the Star Wars film franchise, others lost their cool over the adult version.