Two men deported from France had planned to attack gay nightclub: Reports

Two men deported from France were planning to attack a gay nightclub, local media has reported.

The men, who were deported to Morocco, had been planning the attacks and were in contact with the so-called Islamic State (ISIS).


According to the Arabic daily newspaper Assabah, the two men had planned an attack similar to that which took place on Bastille Day in Nice, but in the city of Metz.

The report suggests that the men, Redouane Dahbi and Ayyoub Sadki, had planned to attack the Place de la République.

They had planned to attack a restaurant, a gay club and use various vehicles to run over pedestrians.

This comes just months after 49 people were shot and killed in Orlando, Florida, at the Pulse nightclub.

A further 53 were injured in the shooting during which Omar Mateen used assault rifles in the attack which targeted the mainly LGBT, mainly latino clientele at the club.

The men were also planning to set fire to buildings.

The paper claimed that the deportation of the two men from France had “saved France from a fatal blow”.

They were deported on 26 August after Moroccan authorities requested that they be returned to the country.

The terrorist responsible for killing dozens of people in Nice reportedly used dating apps to find men and women – despite his apparent allegiance to ISIS.

As part of its continued campaign of terror, ISIS has publicly executed hundreds of men accused of homosexuality, by stoning and throwing them off buildings.

The group often boasts about the executions online – showing the large crowds who gather to help stone the men to death and ‘celebrate’.

However, its moralistic code of conduct often appear to be more lax for the group’s supporters – with intelligence authorities reporting that the computers used by the group’s digital wings are often filled with pornography.