Kim Davis’ lawyer is now defending US pastor who pushed anti-gay laws in Africa

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Kim Davis’ lawyer Mat Staver is now defending a pastor who helped introduce laws criminalising homosexuality in third-world countries.

Massachusetts hate preacher Scott Lively is one of the world’s most notorious homophobes, and has been linked to anti-gay laws in a number of countries.

Lively addressed an anti-gay conference in Uganda just before the country’s homophobic law was drafted, where he urged a fresh crackdown on gay sex. He also cheered on anti-gay legislation in Russia.

The pastor has extensive links to anti-LGBT movements across the world, particularly in deprived countries. Human rights activists allege is key to a wave of anti-LGBT laws and resistance to the repeal of sodomy laws around the world.

Lively is facing a crimes against humanity suit from Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), who allege he has acted in violation of international law, by seeking to promote the persecution of gay people.

He is defended by Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel – the Christian law firm most famous for representing Kentucky clerk Kim Davis after she refused to marry gay people.

Despite insisting in the Davis case that it was simply about her right to her religions beliefs, it turns out the LC is just has happy representing a man who pushes sodomy laws that see gay people jailed.


Staver said: “The plaintiffs are seeking to have an obscure international law override our constitutional protection of free speech — and also seeks a huge financial windfall! This lawsuit has the potential of creating an extremely dangerous precedent.

“The implications of this suit are truly alarming because SMUG is trying to punish a U.S. citizen for constitutionally protected speech under some vague and undefined international law.”

Liberty Counsel VP Harry Mihet  said: “SMUG has now made it clear that it wants to put Pastor Scott Lively’s Christian faith on trial.

“Every American should be concerned about this unprecedented attempt to subjugate US citizens and our Constitution to the new ‘morality’ of the international left and we should pray for a just and decisive ruling from the court preserving our most cherished constitutional freedoms of thought and expression.”

The Liberty Counsel has previously admitted helping Republican lawmakers in the US draft anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ laws.