Customer who said there were ‘too many gays’ in this restaurant just got owned

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The owners of a restaurant which was the subject of an online review saying there were “too many gay people” have hit back at the customer in the best way.

Management at Hells Kitchen restaurant in Minneapolis took aim at the Yelp user ‘Eric’ who wrote the review.


He said there were “too many gay people” when he visited the restaurant.

In response, the owners wrote an open letter telling Eric to “never come back” to the restaurant.

The breakfast diner’s owners said their staff are “blind to prejudice”, and hope to make anyone who goes there make feel welcome.

They wrote: “We ask that you not return to Hell’s Kitchen again. All of us who work here, whether straight or gay, view Hell’s Kitchen as our home; we open our doors each morning and do our best to make every person kind enough to dine with us feel as if it is their home, too.

“We do our best to make every guest feel welcome, we do our best to create an environment that gives them a chance to enjoy the company of their friends, we do our best to create an environment that is blind to any form of prejudice and we do our best to create an environment that is safe. These aren’t ‘business goals’….they’re just naturally in the DNA of every one of the 166 members of our Hell’s Kitchen family.”

They added: “While you’re certainly free to post any comment you want about us, we’re equally free to say you cannot enter our home again.”

But in a second post, the managers of the restaurant said they were a “very big believer in redemption”, and invited Eric back to the restaurant to chat to them.

The second post reads: “We appreciate the steps this young man took today and would welcome an opportunity to have him meet us so that he can learn a bit more about why we felt strongly about his words.”

Fox 9 reports that “A family member says the Yelp user has retracted his comment and has learned the error of his ways.”