A sea lion walks into a bar… no really – a sea lion just visited this bar

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A sea lion has caused a stir by wandering around in a restaurant, apparently after he got a bit hungry…

What is it with sea lions recently? Just days after one of the creatures was caught on CCTV wandering around a gift shop, here’s picture proof of another visiting a restaurant.

Bernard Guillas – Timeline Photos | Facebook

“We found this little guy in The Marine Room restaurant this morning,” said chef Bernard Guillas who shared the unusual pictures on Facebook.

Bernard Guillas – Timeline Photos | Facebook

“He was a little bit early for his high tide breakfast reservation,” Guillas added.

Bernard Guillas – Timeline Photos | Facebook

The pictures show the sea lion cub clambering on to seating at the California restaurant to seemingly get a better look out of the window.

Bernard Guillas – Timeline Photos | Facebook

A team from SeaWorld were called to help escort the malnourished pup away and care for it.

These things tend to come in threes, will the next sea lion be popping into a shop near you? Here’s the recent CCTV of that gift shop sea lion just for fun.

The Cave Store – Sea lion visits Cave Store | Facebook