Lesbian MP defends comedy routine mocking ‘dykey’ opponent

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Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry has defended a comedy skit she attended that referred to an opponent as “Dykey”.

The skit was performed by comedy troupe ‘Witserface’ at an independence rally, attended by some of the most senior SNP MPs.

It referred to out Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson as “Ruth Dykey-D”, but amid criticism, SNP politician Joanna Cherry defended the “hilarious” comedy routine.

She tweeted: “Hilariously irreverent satire from brilliant #Witsherface still laughing”.

After people pointed out the anti-gay slurs she doubled down, insisting: “For all those mansplaining what homophobia is don’t bother I’m gay & have been on receiving end regularly on Twitter but heard none today.

“It’s a shame if anyone was offended today. I wasn’t but as an out lesbian & long term supporter of #LGBT rights I obvs condemn homophobia.

“For many years lesbians have self referenced as dykes now it seems we must apologise to others for no longer finding the word offensive. Lol.”

She added: “Definition of mansplaining = men & boys telling a lesbian who’s been out for 30+ years what she should and shouldn’t be offended by.”

Some SNP members have condemned the routine.

The direct of Stonewall Scotland Colin Macfarlane, said: “Calling someone a ‘dyke’ is homophobic. If it goes unchallenged it gives the green light for others to follow suit.”

The Scottish Conservatives said: “The nationalists are always the first to scream offence at anything that even mildly upsets them. But when it’s a joke at the expense of pro-UK campaigners, it’s suddenly harmless and hilarious.

“The SNP should be lambasting this, but instead its elected representatives are praising it on social media.”