Celebrate Bi Visibility Day with your new favourite bisexual anthem

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Today is Bi Visibility Day, celebrating bisexuals who often get erased from the mainstream narratives.

Since 1999, 23 September has been recognised around the world to celebrate bisexuality, history and culture.

With a study finding earlier this month finding that nearly half of adults “wouldn’t feel comfortable” dating someone who is bisexual, it’s never felt more needed.

There’s also a lack of out-and-proud bisexuals in the media, despite a growing number of gay TV characters.

But musical comedy show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend flipped the script last year, when Darryl Whitefeather (Pete Gardner) came out as bi.

Darryl didn’t just quietly slink off to his relationship with his super hot new boyfriend – he made his sexuality perfectly clear and provided the world with near-perfect bisexual anthem Gettin’ Bi.

In just two minutes and thirty seconds, the song demolishes some of the many myths and misconceptions about bisexuality from “It’s not a phase, I’m not confused” to “being bi does not imply that you’re a player or a slut”.

Basically, it’s the bisexual anthem you never knew you needed.

Darryl might not be the show’s only bi character, either.

The show’s dysfunctional main character Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) had a drunken make-out session earlier in the series:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is available on Netflix.