The first ever sex toy for trans men is here

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The first ever sex toy for trans men has been created and it’s amazing.

Trans activist and entrepreneur Buck Angel has created the first masturbation aid specifically designed for trans men.

The Buck-Off took over five years to develop but the device is perfect for transitioning people who are disassociated from their genitals.

Creator of the Buck-Off, Angel, told VICE: “They are very disassociated from their vaginas because it doesn’t feel masculine to them. When you transition, you want to have a penis, you want to feel like a man, and so you don’t necessarily want to touch your vagina. The Buck-Off allows you to masturbate without touching your vagina.”

The toy is designed for people who are taking, or have taken, testosterone as part of their transition, which often has the effect of enlarging their genitals. The Buck-OFF resembles other masturbation sleeves in its basic design but it’s shorter and wider than other sleeves and can create suction.

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