Gay bar owner filmed using N-word in racist rant

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The owner of a gay bar in Philadelphia is under fire after a clip surfaced of him using the N-word.

Darryl DePianol who owns the Pennsylvania gay club ICandy, appears in the clip which was anonymously uploaded online this week and reported by PhillyMag.

In it, he appears to be speaking to another member of staff about people who ask for free drink passes.

He says: “N*g, n*g, n*g, n*g, n***ers — every one of them. Does Ray ask you for drink passes… white, obnoxious white, but white?”

When the other man respond “No, he’s never asked me”, Mr DePianol responds: “There you go, and he was definitely your real boyfriend.

“All three of them that ask you for drink passes are n***ers.”

The comments have been met with shock in the local community.

Angry patrons have threatened to boycott the bar, while activists are also planning protests.

Mr DePianol has attempted to apologise for the comments, which he says were made several years ago.

In a Facebook post, he wrote: “As everyone is aware, there is a video circulating that was recorded about 3 yrs ago of me using some very hurtful and racist language in a time of frustration.

“Although, I acknowledge that this type of language and actions are NEVER acceptable it truly does NOT reflect my true feelings. It is NEVER ever ever OK to refer to anyone in this manner,but I did make this comment, and I have grown since then to be understanding and respectful to each and every individual.

“As many of you know me and know that i am always striving for diversity, and always willing to listen, learn and grow myself, my business, and my team.

“Again, this was an EXTREMELY Poor Choice I made on my own many years ago and i definitely learned and continue to learn each day.

“I SINCERELY and Truthfully Apologize to all my Friends, Valued Customers, and Everyone that I Hurt and Offended.

“It was NEVER my intention to do so. I Truly am SORRY, and PROMISE to continue to do better at respecting everyone I love our whole Community, and will always do my part to make it a better place.


But the apology has not been met with enthusiasm.

The local LGBT Democrat group, the Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club, has already announced a boycott of the venue.

It said in a statement: “The video that surfaced today is a stark reminder of the absolutely unacceptable racism that exists in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood

“We in the LGBT community know what homophobia feels like. but it is time that we do more to understand and stand up against the ways racism affects the lives of queer people of color in our community. The comments male by the owner of ICandy, an establishment that presents itself as a safe space for a vulnerable community, are only a symptom of a much deeper problem in our community.

“People of color already face too much hatred in our country today and we believe that every member of our LGBT community, no matter their race. should feel equally as welcome and secure in the safe spaces we have carved out.

“Liberty City plans to remove ICandy from our GOTV Bar Crawl. and will not host or participate in any events that happen at that venue.

“Further, we plan to use our platform to continue to call out racism we see in our community, and we plan to do as much as we can do to make space at our table for communities of color. We all need to do more to make the Gayborhood a welcoming place for every LGBT Philadelphian.”